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FMovies is the best site for watching free movies and TV series online. You can get access to over 20k HD HD TV series without paying a dime. Our database is updated consistently for you to keep up with the latest movies and TV shows in the cinematic world. 
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Watch Movies Online Free
It’s time for cordless and free entertainment! You don’t have to fear hackers and scammers when it comes to watching free movies and TV shows online. With FMovies, viewers can watch thousands of movies and TV series for free with no ads. This feature is only available for paid users on other platforms. Therefore, you can save your money and protect your own safety by watching movies and TV shows for free on FMovies now that you know this service.

What is FMovies?
Although we are not the pioneers, we are one of the most popular free websites to watch movies and TV shows online. Since 2016, we have been providing the safest and the fastest free movies and TV shows streaming service for all movie lovers. We have around 1 million visitors a day streaming our free high-quality movies and TV shows. Although we are now thriving hard, we will never stop updating new features and aid our site’s security for your safety and convenience.

Is FMovies or 123Movies better for streaming movies and shows?
Because of our popularity, FMovies and 123movies have been compared to each other all the time. However 123movies is no longer the “most popular illegal site” like it used to be anymore. It was shut down in 2018 and we haven’t heard from them since. Nowadays, many 123movies fake sites on the internet take advantage of the site’s popularity to hack and scam people. Hence you are at high risk when using them. Completely different from those risky sites, FMovies is a highly secured one for you to freely watch countless movies and TV shows! Our features are being updated day by day, which outweigh the old 123movies.

Is it illegal to use FMovies?
If you can get access to the site, it is legal for you to stream. Based on copyright attorneys, you are only not allowed to share and download pirated content online. Hence, you can stay anonymous by using a reliable VPN when watching and downloading free movies and TV shows on FMovies. 

Is FMovies safe?
FMovies is one of the safest free movie and TV show streaming sites on the Internet as it has no ads, popups, whatsoever. When you watch its content, all you have to do is to click on the title and the play button. Hence, you are free from identity theft, information leakage, data loss and many other cyber scams when streaming with FMovies. 

How to download from FMovies?
Simply click on the movie of your choice and click on the coloured 3 dots icon. Choose one option to download that movie from FMovies. 

What happened to FMovies?
Sometimes FMovies needs to close for updates and maintenance like other legit sites. Please rest assured that we are always trying to improve our service thanks to your huge support!

Why is FMovies not working?
To check if FMovies is working or not, please use You are welcome to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for our latest updates. 

Why should you watch movies and TV shows online for free on FMovies?
FMovies becomes one of the most popular free movies and TV shows streaming services because we never stop updating our features thanks to our users’ feedback. Hence, we currently have the following features on the site that you may like:

- Huge content library: we have more than 200k movies and TV shows, which is considered to be the biggest in the industry. You are highly likely to find what you are looking for on FMovies. 

- High-quality streaming: our movies and TV shows are all in HD if you have a stable internet connection. We also offer adjustable streaming quality for weaker connections. 

- Smoothest watching experience: since we have eliminated all of the factors that can cause lagging and buffering when streaming. 

- Daily updates: we try to consistently update our content library because we want you to always find something new each time you visit us.

- Easy to navigate interface: since our users are of all ages, we have designed our website very friendly and easy to search for titles, look for different movies and TV shows’ genres, countries,…

- Mobile friendly and Chromecast supported: this will help you to watch movies on the go whenever you have an internet connection. 

- No ads: as mentioned, ads, popups and commercials are some of the risky things on the internet that bring you viruses and malware. FMovies has banned all of these to reduce our users’ risk of being hacked and scammed through ads. 

- Registration free: movies and TV shows on FMovies are just 1 click away, which means you don’t have to register or log in to watch the content. This will save you so much time and effort whenever you watch and browse our movies. 

- Best customer service: if you want to share anything with us, please feel free to contact us. Our service opens 24/7 to welcome all of your feedback and inquiries. 

Thank you for choosing us as your trusted place to watch free movies and TV shows online. Have a good time watching! is top of free streaming website, where to watch movies online free without registration required. With a big database and great features, we're confident FMovies is the best free movies online website in the space that you can't simply miss!

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